The discourse of tourism: an analysis of the online article “Best in Travel 2015: Top 10 cities” in its translation to Brazilian Portuguese

Débora de Carvalho Figueiredo, camila alvares pasquetti


This article presents a critical reading of the text “Best in Travel 2015: Top 10 cities” and its translation to Brazilian Portuguese, both published online in 2014 by one of the world’s largest tourism publishing houses, Lonely Planet. The study aims at revising some of the characteristics of the ongoing tourism discourse through an analysis of the network of people and practices involved in these publications, their textual features and images. The theoretical/analytical framework used includes Critical Discourse Analysis and a corpus-based tool used to interpret different aspects of this tourism discourse. The places advertised as “Top 10” are presented to an exclusive audience that must have digital literacy, economic power and the will to consume fetish-like, or “gourmetized” products.


Critical Discourse Analysis; Tourism; Translation; Lonely Planet

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