The inbetween place of literary translation: publishing demands and their implications in the formation of cultural identities

Sinara de Oliveira Branco, Iá Niani Belo Maia


This paper relects on literary translation, taking into account the efects caused by the needs of the publishing market, which pinpoint what must be translated and how, inluencing the formation of cultural identities. In order to achieve this aim, theoretical points argued mainly by Venuti (1995; 1998), Arrojo (1996), Katan (1999), Lefevere (2003) and Berman (2012) will be discussed. he translation of a literary text demands the application of translation strategies that must suit both the publishing market as well as the target reader. In this sense, having
the Anglo-American context as focus, this relection helps to igure out how the construction of the “Other” is developed and also how power relations take place in social structures via literary translation.


Literary Translation; Strategies; Cultural Identities; Publishing Market


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