Poe, between cinema and literature: an intermedial reading of The Raven

Caio Antônio de Medeiros Nóbrega Nunes Gomes, Genilda Azeredo


In The Raven (2012), film directed by James McTeigue, in addition to having Edgar Allan Poe as protagonist and allusions to many of his texts, the relation between cinema and literature is deepened by the presence of issues regarding the medium of literature and its materiality, sociality and economy. This article proposes an intermedial reading of The Raven, aiming to investigate the process of intermedial referencing accomplished by the cinema in relation to literature. Our analysis is supported by theoretical principles drawn especially from Rajewski (2012) and Moser (2006). Finally, two conclusions were established: i. the film, while making the literary medium opaque, concealed its own audiovisual mediality; ii. The Raven associates itself to a series of discourses concerning the contemporary relevance of the American author, contributing to the consolidation of Edgar Allan Poe as a cultural signifier. 


Edgar Allan Poe; Cinema and Literature; Intermediality; Intermedial Reference


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5007/2175-8026.2017v70n1p211

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