Translating Anne Sexton's The Awful Rowing Toward God to Portuguese through the feminist translation studies' perspective

Beatriz Regina Guimarães Barboza


This paper aims to share results of my translation to Brazilian Portuguese, through the Feminist Translation Studies approach of the book The Awful Rowing Toward God (1975), written by Anne Sexton,. When I did the commented translation of this book, part of my theoretical reflections went through this field of research, which demonstrates how grammatical gender can reflect hierarchies of sexual gender and, therefore, it is a topic of feminist debate and criticism. This sort of problematic is very relevant regarding language pairs such as English and Portuguese, for the first one does not have grammatical gender marking, except for pronouns and some nouns, and the second one has. As Anne Sexton is valued by the feminist literary criticism and by other feminist authors, I recognize that it is necessary that the translation of Anne Sexton's book ought to be done with a consciousness of gender for a non-sexist translation.


The Awful Rowing Toward God; Anne Sexton; Translation; Feminist Translation Studies; Non-sexist Translation


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