Who is Shar in NW and its Portuguese translations? A study of character representation based on attitudinal values

Taís Paulilo Blauth, Célia Maria Magalhães


This paper draws on the Martinian interpretation of Systemic Functional Grammar (MARTIN 1992, MARTIN; ROSE 2007) to approach translation as interlingual reinstantiation (SOUZA, 2010), from an interpersonal stance. The goal of this investigation is to examine the representation of a character of the novel in the original text and its translations to cast light on the implications of semantic variation for reader positioning. The analysis is based on the Appraisal system (MARTIN; WHITE 2005) and the text chosen for this investigation is an excerpt of a chapter of British contemporary novel NW by Zadie Smith (2012), along with its Brazilian and Portuguese translations. The analysis shows greater and lesser variations, most of loading or polarity, in attitudes associated with the character.


Discourse Semantics; Appraisal; Literary Translation


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5007/2175-8026.2019v72n2p321

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