“There is only a thin red line between the sane and the mad”: mind, culture, language and metaphor

Hanna Jakubowicz Batoréo


The present paper considers points of convergence of common metaphors and imagination in three languages: European Portuguese, English and Polish, focusing mostly on interactions among imagination, visual perception and cognition. The analysis is fundamentally based on onceptualisation differences observed in some filmic verbal and nonverbal examples in the three mentioned above languages (Batoréo, 2002). The comparison of different languages figurative solutions corresponding to a given spatial situation or a given filmic scene triggers the ever-lasting problem of metaphor translatability, i.e., if the corresponding text can be ‘translated’ or, using other strategies, either reproduced or newly created.


English Language; English

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5007/%25x

Copyright (c) 2002 Hanna Jakubowicz Batoréo

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