John steinbeck's phalanx theory

Marcia Salazar


In 1933 Steinbeck wrote an essay entitled "Argument of Phalanx" 1 in which he discusses the relationship between the individual and the group. His theory is that there is a difference between the individual on his own and as part of a group. Since the group is a unit often "with a drive, an intent, an end, a method, a reaction which in no way resembles the same things possessed by the men who make
[it] up." 2 Steinbeck defined such groups as "greater beasts" controlling "[their] unit—men with an iron discipline." s The essay was influenced by the period when it was written. The world was going through great changes, with the rise in Italy, Germany, and Japan of totalitarian governments which subordinated the individual to the State; industrial unionism and the growth of large cities furthermore
encouraged mass movements.


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