The way second language young learners view peer review in writing

Karen Pupp Spinassé, Daniele Blos Bolzan


This paper presents data from a study that proposed peer review in ESL writing to an 8th year elementary class in a Bilingual School in the South of Brazil. his research aims at analyzing the collaborative activity students engaged in while reviewing each other’s texts, highlighting the efects these reviews had in the inal versions of the texts. his paper discusses learners’ expectations before doing peer review in their writing class and their evaluation ater. Data were collected through questionnaires and interviews and were analyzed through the
mixed methods approach (qualitative and quantitative). Results show that students were receptive to peer review and to collaborative work and showed optimism regarding the possibility of having better versions of their texts ater the peers’ feedback. Data also help us understand more about the teacher’s role and the use of second language in peer review.


Peer Review; Collaborative Activity; Writing


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