The Influence of Internationalization on Credit Ratings: an Analysis of Brazilian Companies




Classificação de crédito, risco, internacionalização, modelo de escolhas ordenadas


We investigate the relationship between internationalization and the credit rating of Brazilian companies. The data was obtained from a banking institution that periodically rates its account holders. An econometric analysis was conducted using ordered choice models. The constructed model used risk rating as the dependent variable and financial variables as independent variables. The variable of interest, internationalization, measured by exports or imports, was found to be statistically significant, and it is observed that companies with international activity are more likely to be better classified in relation to risk, that is, they pose less risk to a banking institution.


Biografia do Autor

Rodolfo Coelho Prates, Univille

Professor Programa de Pós Graduação em Saúde e Meio Ambiente

Marcos Wagner da Fonseca, Universidade Federal do Paraná - UFPR

Professor do Programa de Pós Graduação em Contabilidade na Universidade Federal do Paraná - UFPR.


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Prates, R. C., & Fonseca, M. W. da. (2023). The Influence of Internationalization on Credit Ratings: an Analysis of Brazilian Companies. evista e iências a Administração, 25(65), 1–17.