Estudos brasileiros no Canadá: a chegada de uma nova era?

W. E. (Ted) Hewitt


Since the dark days of the Bombardier - Embraer and Brazilian beef debacles in the late 1990s, Canada-Brazil relations have taken a remarkable upturn. This is manifest in a broad array of sectors, from the academic (as witnessed by the establishment of the Canada Visiting Research Chair in Brazilian Studies), to the political (in the increased number of visiting Brazilian parliamentary delegations), the economic (evidenced by the recent rise in bilateral investment, especially in cement, beverage, and steel sectors) and the cultural (demonstrated in the nascent Canadian taste for Brazilian music, beer and food). In this paper, we examine whether and how such developments have been accompanied by an increase in academic research in Canada on Brazil in recent years, especially in non-traditional sectors of investigation, such as politics and economics. The paper concludes with an assessment of future needs and capacities in the Brazilian studies field in this country.


Brazil-Canada relations; Brazilian studies; Brazilianists; Area studies; Relações Brasil-Canadá; Estudos brasileiros; Área de estudos Brasilianistas

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